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2014 0102 reasons


reasons are so needless blunt.
your voice here, the warmth
of a match atop winter snow.
good to read. that’s a verb

neil reid © january 2014, numerics

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Eskimo snows

prompt # 021
Color Scheme
by staff@wwp
Read the full prompt and poem responses by other participants.

What are your favorite colors? What qualities? How might they speak to you? Use at least three different colors (please) and describe your interaction in a poem.
(So paraphrased, the prompt.)

Eskimo snows

More names for colors than Eskimo for snows.

Thing about colors is they’re very democratic,
each one gets to vote, whether you care for any one
or not. Not like taste, where some are off-hand out
of the question without a tip of the tongue.

Colors arrive most equally wave by glistening wave.

Think I feel kindly to them all. Maybe why, who most
will receive their song, so, I say black. Black who
drinks them all, every drop. (Perhaps some selfishly,
as it doesn’t want to give any one color back.)

       Steadfast, Black embraces everything.

Maybe cause I’m an only child, it’s not so first natural
for me to share. Black likes to hold ‘em close, close
to the chest.

Although, handsome brush, only fair to say I appreciate
white, after all first, because it too includes them all.
Nothing shy, only starbursting white.

       Brilliant, White expresses everything.

All joined is all indivisible, a congress to genuine
unanimity, and don’t it figure, just as invisible (like black)
it makes everything else plain spoken as day (admirable).

As a parent might be asked, really tell us please,
but (only answered out-of-sight hushed-of-voice),
do you have a favorite child?

(So shh), to reply whisper embraced, why yes,
it’s red. Keep that in your pocket please!
I wouldn’t even dare to wear it on my back,
too bold to exclaim. But what it is you see,
beneath all the rest – is generous.

Good fortune to all, just as I’d wish.

       Like to be fair you see, but delicious juicy red…

neil reid © september 2010

Wiggles and wiggles of colored light:
So many colors. I confuse easily. So simple personal reality became the theme, the breadcrumbs here, left on the path. Ha! Not taken in the least serious, but born under the Libran sign, and yes, seems I don’t like leaving anything aside. Sometimes including being too verbose! A “talky” poem this time around, with a bow to the nature of light, and just one shy personal acquired taste (shh… ).

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