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ears: bowls that fill without your hands, that left right mirror, generous.
sand: reasonable between your toes, don’t question obvious.
ribbons: scribbled in rock, gravel, dirt, feet, then too there’s wind making curls.
sapphire: mother’s color between fingertip thoughts, nearly sparks,
(ruby: the passion idea left behind while running from the flood).
starfish: when he got just rewards, bending over to steal stars from the sea. patience does.
Eugene: she was almost there, clueless from either lighted door.
rain: her waterfall hair, an island culling blues, yet I still said no. pigments dry.
the road: the ribbon the sea the sand, the crusade. a banner lurches to steady itself, touches earth.
memory: how I story myself.

neil reid © 2014 march

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