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the rabbit and the moon

the rabbit and the moon
the rabbit rose early that eve, nibbling at the sliver moon.
I am the moon, rabbit said.  maybe moon won’t see.
the moon rolls into shadows.  playing with the day.
playing with the night.  he smiles, the way moons do.
rabbit nibbled at both the dark and the crescent, bright.
I am the moon, she thought.  maybe moon won’t hear.
moon pours himself into the sea.  closer now.
moon feels shy so he sings.  song becomes water,
raining stars into the ebbing sky.
rabbit hears.  she knows, moon was listening.
rabbit sees the moon in the sea, looking back.
rabbit feels the grass beneath her feet.  then
the grass becomes waves, becomes a song, then
the moon.  then her cloak, then her belly full.
now that you’ve climbed into sky, rain becomes
my voice.  I am the rabbit, sings the moon.
and here, beneath the empty sky, and then
the dream began.  closer now.

neil reid © september 2013

image: Lunar libration with phase Oct 2007, via Wikipedia in the public domain

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Magic for beginners

Magic for beginners

It begins at first breath, soaking wet

a white tipped cane swaying over a pregnant

black hat

Like all things began, darkness wasn’t first

but from it all light emerged like wings

First means there was before

but dark don’t count, only mumbles to itself

One sheep, two sheep, three

Be the hand or be the rabbit

In dimension’s eye a line separates nothing

at all, only marks willingness threaded

through the eye

And sight unseen a quiver of intent

takes delicious respite with the bow

Divide nothing by two, and the result?

Just listen to the applause before math

got all logical about Descartes

And in the bottom of the hat, cheshire grin,

I am the I of I am

Take a bow

Neil Reid © March 2010

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Letter home

Letter home




Middle of the night, dark all about.  My light on the desk.  

This singular moving thought of you.  Here’s my company.


Life is so big and I am only this much right here.

One arms handwidth wide.


Middle of the night is an awfully big what if.


Small movements are all I have.  Thoughts seem bigger,

but invisible like a rabbit friend.


Peace in life is so elusive.  But we try.  Or at least, desire.


Missing your warm thoughts close to me.


Like a china cup.



Neil Reid © October 2009

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