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like an arrow only rarely, spent
bending bow or tense impending shaft
choose or not, you will, you do
soft soles no matter what
blister feet, turn aside, whistle midnight
and dawn, or a blanket drawn, out of sight,
just plain forget, trinkets in a closet box,
maybe wind on your face, doubting clouds,
thankful for shade, some say pray, some
meditate, you do, you don’t, another spoon
on the table, or resist, same meal in the
bowl either way
then there’s a mule on the road
here’s the choice, obstacle
or ride

neil reid © october 2013

for we write poems, the road, prompt by Pamela

me thinks, not so bad this poem if you only change the beginning and the end, oh yea, and rewrite that middle too. participation got the better of me. my excuse.

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