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beside the road near Mt. Shasta
assume words haven’t decided their meanings yet.
assume that field of stones are lovers teeth, and
what stone means or teeth or lovers, you don’t know.
your senses breath, unlike books, unlike words.
assume that field is earth and me and field, they
are the same.  and if you strode onto that field
there would be no waiting given leave.
assume the very air agreed.  wind written
into curving pliant skin.  another moon.
exposing meaning like rain unpeels.
and your belly, a white translucent thaw.

neil reid © 2014 january

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read write prompt #114,
all over the map
by Deb Scott

A Wordle Word Bank prompt, choose all or a few (this time, I choose just one). Red.

Read the RWP prompt for full descriptive details.
Read other participants responses to this prompt.

mariquitas gusta comer

Red. The simpler the word, the more the meaning

The surface of an apple sucks in all light except the color red

That’s what means, the nature of a thing is defined by what it isn’t

Artists may paint a sky as red, not because it is, but because

And those who aren’t feel constraint inside a common eye

An ocean, a lake, a duck, an old alley cat, these aren’t red

But they drink it up all within themselves, tomatoes inside

What we’ll do for red. Be blue, be confused, bemused

Better red than butter too. Red howls at the moon

     Round and about seven hundred billionths of a metre is red

     just before we go blind beneath

     Increasing contrast to a silver salted eye,

     side-to-side choosing only one, turns sky black overhead

     good luck, if you’re Chinese!

Things we lost in the fire. Red smokes quietly, likes the taste

Red in tooth and claw, one third the color of a quark, everything

Red sings to the mirror, comes back mottled black

like an ocean can’t see burning fish

So what’s the brightness of an eye?

Land, earth, aboriginal sight? Death, celebration,

summoning, a wedding gown? Sacrifice, sin (aberrant

disguise?) like-wise purity (divine or otherwise),

too much or just right, decidedly Yang

     If you’re a star, red means you’re rather cool

     and red’s when you wave bye-bye away

     Reds include districts of sin and badges of courage, both

     or make a little rust and we’ll call you Mars

     Red sky at night, sailor’s delight!

Apples like to be sweet, bricks relish being steadfast

while barns like animals, and cherries like to be on top

lobsters blush, as hydrants are dog’s best friends

lips entice, ladybugs love to eat, red pens, a teacher’s rule

rubies cluster desire, and red shoes write diaries

while radishes caution and peppers make sweat

Tomatoes are for the brave of heart

And red wagons pull things around

     And five days afore Christmas day, that red flyer delivered

     to grandmother’s house. “Oh is that for me?”, young heart

     fluttered the words. “No”, said she, “for the boy down the street”

     And I believed for five days more!

Red. The more the meaning, the less precise

         But a good idea all the same

Neil Reid © February 2010

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