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True nature

True nature

The true nature of a thing is in everything

you don’t see of it.

Describe the shapes of invisible air.

Clouds try. But that’s just cool & warm & wet.

Show me instead how air defines a face, or

the shade of autumn’s dawn.

Don’t tell me about a favorite movie or

episode on TV, nor what car you drive.

Step outside that constructed room.

Tell me what you see when your eyes

are closed. Tell me what’s beneath mere

thoughts when you touch a face.

We’ll start out easily.

Tell me about the first breath of air

when you awoke today. Tell me about

who you sat with at table for a meal.

Leave off even what they said and what

you said. Tell me what their eyes spoke

to you. Tell me how your hand moves

when you are close to them.

Tell me about the meal you ate for

lunch today. That one! Did you use

a fork or spoon? Where is the napkin

you used then now? Mine was

a bacon & lettuce & tomato sandwich

on wheat and warm. Wrapped

in yellow paper, handed me.

Tell me about the towel you used

to dry yourself after washing today.

What color, what scent? Did you hold

it gently to your face, or brusk?

Be intimate with yourself.

Tell me every thought when you

dance across a room close to me.

No editing!

Describe a kiss to me without

using your lips.

Neil Reid © January 2010

version 2, 2010.02, edit last line

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