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i s a a c

standing on the edge, the eve
seen from these eyes surely will
unfurl to be untrue, colored as it is,

and falling will begin to welcome
rising truth

the colors of far valley trees
the colors of our eyes, the mirror
bent inside itself

and falling will be the unshaken

meanwhile old coats old shoes will
fall away, inks will change their hue,
none of which I can say from here

write me when the apple lands


neil reid © april 2013


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poem for We Write Poems, prompt (#53) Directed cento poem
Write a cento poem: a poem comprised entirely of selected lines from another poet, gathered and arranged into a new poem. Specifically we were asked to choose from poems that have a positive, affirmative energy for us personally.

apples and bears

Who made the swan, and the black bear?
So I say, what about toast? and offer him a dry corner

Give up your body heat, your beating heart
I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down

I felt them sometimes against my feet
against my mouth and my nose, and breathed me

wide mouth in its laugh-shape

he says, how it is never to be not hungry

and she put her face against my face
put her muzzle, her nostrils, soft as violets

and apples did it,

Who made the grasshopper?
Then trust.

neil reid @ may 2011

 cento poem created from poem lines by Mary Oliver,
“The Poet Goes to Indiana”
“The Summer Day”
“Percy (Nine)”
“I Ask Percy How I Should Live My Life (Ten)”
“Percy at Breakfast (Twelve)”

This is not my first cento poem. I find I can still be surprised by the process and result. Of recent I’ve felt akin to Mary Oliver’s poems, strong, without apology, and with a certain sense of place in life. Strength of meaning can come by richness of phrase or by a greater whole of meanings meant. The later seems more the case for her poems, at least the few I selected for this prompt. That’s rather counter to what feels more my usual when I write. Makes me wonder how much I might be using “phrasing” instead of story meaning. Fair challenge certainly.

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