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2014 0102 reasons


reasons are so needless blunt.
your voice here, the warmth
of a match atop winter snow.
good to read. that’s a verb

neil reid © january 2014, numerics

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small stones and writing for healing and peace

autumn dry leaves
hurl themselves
into my winter face


neil reid © december 2012

If by some chance you know my blog here, yet not We Write Poems, a community of poem writers, then please allow this special invitation.

In response to the recent events in the east, the loss of so many young lives and those who cared for them, WWP is engaged with a gathering of writers and words to share our response to that experience. If you read, if you write, yes you qualify, then please be invited to come and see and listen, even share your own words with us.

Our prompt-posting, Writing for Healing and Peace, is now open and will remain that way for any who wish to participate.

We cannot say what life brings to us, but we are responsible for our response.


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